CPS Quality has always supported teams and sportsmen and women.
These people are interesting to us, because their passion is always a little crazy, because their investment is total. But also, because they have a vision. In car racing, you don’t go on to a track without having studied it, walked through it a hundred times, memorised every corner and every straight. The track is part of you… it’s hard wired. You control it.

The parallel with our profession is obvious: rigour, foresight, total control, accepting risks but calculated risks, ultra-reactivity, quick decision-making.

Technically, we are in the same sphere as the best-in-class in the automobile world. With precise attention paid to every detail, constant inventiveness, boundaries pushed back by leading edge technological developments, our eyes are constantly lit up. Everything is a source of inspiration to us, and that is reflected in our work.

CPS Quality can therefore be proud of the recent performances of Tristan Gommendy, one of the finest French drivers of his generation. In 2018, at the 86th edition of the 24 Hours Le Mans race with his teammates, he earned a second place on the podium of the LMP2 category (Le Mans Prototype 2).

Tristan Gommendy: ‘I am thrilled that CPS Quality has shown their belief in me, flying their colours at the European Le Mans Series and at the 24 Hour Le Mans race. Just as the group is staking its claim as a major player in quality services, the Graff Racing stable has shone in the different disciplines of automobile sport in which it has taken part.’